House Rules

House Rules
Additions or changes to the core Iron Kingdom rules. Because it’s my house.

- Starting Wealth
If a player’s choice of starting careers add up to less than 500gc in beginning wealth, add 100gc to that value.

- Let it ride
Once a roll is made to attempt something we will take the result and “let it ride” for the remainder of the event until such a time as it is deemed appropriate for a new roll. This means if you try and climb a wall and fail… you have failed. You cannot try and climb the wall again. It is beyond your skill and current means. If someone drops you a rope or your skill in that skill goes up then you may roll again. This goes for the GM as well. If you are trying to sneak through an enemy camp and succeed your sneak roll I cannot make you roll it again until something drastic changes (e.g. you made it into the camp at night, sun rises at dawn and you’re still sneaking around. New check.).

- Book of Fate
All dice shall be cast within the Book of Fate. So sayeth the Master of the Game.

- Bang, Bang!
Ranged weapons will no longer use the “-5” rule when beyond their stated range. Instead they will follow these rules:

Rifles, longarm and cannon attacks will all receive a -1 RAT -1 POW per 1" beyond their stated range, rounded up to the next inch. If the POW of the weapon is less than 1 after after calculating in the penalties the projectile has lost too much velocity and is deemed ineffective.

Handguns, pistols, bows, thrown weapons attacks will all receive a -1 RAT -1 POW per 1/2" (0.5 inch) beyond their stated range, rounded up to the next half inch. If the POW of the weapon is less than 1 after after calculating in the penalties the projectile has lost too much velocity and is deemed ineffective.

(e.g. Your character with a RAT of 6 is firing a pistol with a range of 10" and a POW of 10 at a target 11.75" away. it is 1.75" beyond the stated range, rounded up to 2". This gives the attack -4 RAT and -4 POW. Not looking good. You will be rolling with a RAT of 2 and only hitting with an effective POW of 6+dice)

This does not apply to weapons listed with the AOE quality. They deviate and perform normally if stated.

Poker Chips
I like to use poker chips to represent things in game. Here are their uses and values.

White Chip = Feat Point
Feat points cannot be gained automatically through criticals or enemy destruction. These will be given out by the GM at regular intervals. They do not carry over from one gaming session to another, so use them. You will however always begin a session with at least one feat point. If a career has an ability that deals with feat points please speak to me so we can work something out.

Red Chip = Injury
You will gain a Injury chip when your character suffers enough damage to become incapacitated. I will roll on the Injury table and record the result in dry erase on the chip. This chip will stay with the player until the effects of the Injury pass or are no longer relevant (i.e. you died).

Green Chip = Great
Great chips are rewards given out to a players for anything from good roleplay to coming up with the idea that saves everyone from certain doom. The GM will give out Great chips during play for things he approves of. Did you make the game better for all those involved? Did you form a critical battle plan? Did you go the extra mile to roleplay out a scene? Did you bribe the GM? Great! Those are all thing deserving of a Great chip.

Great chips can be exchanged in 1 of 2 ways.
1). 3 Great chips = 1xp (considering a max level character is only 150xp that’s pretty good).
2). 1 Great chip = Replace a rolled die with an automatic result of your choice (e.g. you rolled 2d6 and the result was 1+3 = 4 which is a failure. Use a Great chip to change it to 6+3=9 much better or you want a critical effect, your roll was 1+3, now it’s 3+3 Boom!).

Blue Chip = Awesome
Awesome chips are reserved for the MVP of a session or someone that has defied logic with their amazingness in the eyes of the GM. Players will vote at the end of each game night for who they think was the MVP, then that person will receive an Awesome chip.

Awesome chips can be used for one of 2 things:
1). Spent to influence a non-combat roll outcome heavily in your favor. (e.g. you are trying to convince a noble to stop whipping a peasant boy. Normally you might convince him to stop hitting the kid. With an Awesome chip you not only convince him to stop whipping the boy but he gives you his whip and vows never to strike anyone ever again, tears in his eyes.)
2). You can choose for the next combat encounter to gain the effect of Hand of Fate_. This ability lets you roll an extra die with every action and keep only the two most favorable results. (_i.e. drop the lowest number)

Once you use an Awesome chip it magically transforms into a Great chip that you get to keep. How cool is that?

House Rules

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