Spartak Zhakhar

Mechanikal master and warcaster, Khadoran ex-pat and former Greylord, Spartak has struck out on his own to find his place in the Iron Kingdoms.


Spartak Zhakhar
Gifted Human Warcaster/Arcane Mechanik

PHY 5 | AGI 3 | INT 5
SPD 6 | PRW 5 | ARC 3
STR 4 | POI 4 | PER 3


DEF 11
ARM 12


Hand Weapon 2
Pistol 1

Detection 1
Command 1

Can be taken more than once. Each time a character takes this ability he gains a bonding slot that can be used to bond with warcaster armor, a steamjack, or a mechanika weapon — one per slot. Pg. 158
Inscribe Formula
This character can inscribe runeplates. Pg. 164
Magic Sensitivity
The character can automatically sense when another character casts a spell within fifty feet for each point of his ARC stat

SPELLS (Arcane Tradition: Focuser)
Arcantrik Bolt
COST 2 | RNG 10 | AOE – | POW 12 | UP No | OFF Yes
Jacks damaged by Bolt become stationary for one round
Polarity Shield
COST 2 | RNG 6 | AOE – | POW – | UP Yes | OFF No
Target character of this spell cannot be targeted by a charge to his front arc
Boundless Charge
COST 2 | RNG 6 | AOE – | POW – | UP No | OFF No
During his turn, target character can charge without spending focus or being forced and gains +2" movement and Pathfinder when it charges. Boundless Charge lasts one round.
COST 2 | RNG 10 | AOE – | POW 12 | UP No | OFF Yes
When Convection destroys a living character, you can allocate 1 focus point to a steamjack in the spellcaster’s battlegroup that is in his control area.

Trench Sword “Ravenfeeder” (Blade) | MAT 6 | P&S 8 | Cold & Corruption
Trench Sword “Ravenfeeder” (Skull Crusher) | MAT 6 | P&S 6 | Unarmed

Warcaster Medium Armor DEF -1 | ARM +7

Leather Traveling Hat
Tinted Glasses
Military Rations (5 Days)
Work boots
Flint striker
Water Skin

Money Pouch (that is currently empty)



Spartak is Umbrean by birth, his father Anton was a decorated uhlan, and his mother Polina, was a minor Llaese noble who lost the majority of her wealth and holdings in the war. Still, with what little she had left, she was able to re-locate to the more stable Umbrey, where she gave birth to Spartak.

With his father’s military record, when he turned 15 Spartak was able to take a military commission, and traveled to Korsk to attend the Druzhina. It was there that his arcane talent was discovered when he accidentally made a warjack respond to an unspoken command to move out of his way.

Once his arcane gift was discovered, especially that he had the potential to become a warcaster, Spartak was transferred to the Strikoya where he spent years undergoing his apprenticeship as a focus user. While apprenticing at the Strikoya and learning the art and science behind controlling the Motherland’s mighty warjacks, Spartak also found a fascination with mechanika and their use and production. He delved into in to it, taking more pleasure in mechaniks than in warcasting.

Years passed, and he learned much, and when his apprentice ship was done and he was declared fit to rally jacks for Khador’s armies, Spartak was transferred back to the Druzhina to complete his training. His remaining years in training were spent there, learning the arts of war with the heavy war machines. It was during this time it reached him that his father was killed in a clash with creatures far to the east, near the borders of Rhul.

Spartak left for home to console his mother and when he returned, he found that High Kommand, for all its talk of loyalty, did not seem to care that they suffered a significant loss to an inhuman foe. The thought made him bitter, and as he finished his time at the Druzhina, assured the rank and prestige of Kommander because of his ability as a warcaster, Spartak decided that he wanted no part of the High Kommand and the Empress’ plans and machinations.

He turned down the promotion, and since his service was up at the four year mark, he decided that he would spend the six months of his tour in Umbrey. He was assigned a terrible post in Ravensgard, far from any glory or action, ordering around labor jacks for rebuilding and fortifying the partially ruined fort.

While there, he dealt with numerous mercenaries moving in and out of the Thornswood, and their tales, not to mention the many varied and odd mechanika and jacks they possessed, intrigued him and he came up with a plan. He decided that he would start his own band of mercenaries, troubleshooters for hire, willing to brave danger and death for the right amount of coin. After all, he had the expertise, he just needed some willing partners…

Spartak Zhakhar

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