• Spartak Zhakhar

    Spartak Zhakhar

    Mechanikal master and warcaster, Khadoran ex-pat and former Greylord, Spartak has struck out on his own to find his place in the Iron Kingdoms.
  • Caelyth Hallyr

    Caelyth Hallyr

    A deceptively adorable bundle of Iosan lady with wicked humor who blends into the darkness with a frightening ease.
  • Magistrate  Vombar

    Magistrate Vombar

    Regional Magistrate, Todoran Lord
  • Mugferd 'Merkins

    Mugferd 'Merkins

    Mugferd is large man with large appetites and a sneer that leaves little room for arguing.
  • Vharik Edgestorm

    Vharik Edgestorm

    Sharp of features and tongue. A slender, bitter man with keen eyes that seem to linger just a little too long.