Caelyth Hallyr

A deceptively adorable bundle of Iosan lady with wicked humor who blends into the darkness with a frightening ease.



PHY 5 | AGI 3 | INT 6
SPD 6 | PRW 5 | ARC *
STR 4 | POI 4 | PER 3


DEF 11
ARM 10

Hand Weapon: 6
Thrown Weapon: 7
Detection: 4
Sneak: 4
Command: (social + 1)
Alchemy: 7
Medicine: 7
Deception: (social + 1)
Disguise: 7
Interrogation: 7

Grenadier: Character gains an additional quick action each turn that can be used only to pull the pin on a grenade.
Poison Resistance: Character gains boosted rolls to resist poisons and toxins.
Battle Plan (Shadow): Character can spend 1 feat point to use Battle Plan: Shadow. Using battle plan is a quick action. Causes each friendly character who follows the character’s orders to gain Prowl for one round. (Prowl: virtually invisible in shadows or in terrain that grants a degree of concealment. Characters gain stealth within terrain, spell AOE or cloud effect that provides concealment.)
Cover Identity (Investigator): Character has an established character identity with full background. Character gains one occupational skill from the cover identity’s career. Disguised rolls while using cover identity are automatically boosted.


Alchemical Grenade
RNG: 48ft (8")
AOE: 3

Acid: POW 12 corrosion with continuous effect
Cinder: POW 12 fire, cloud effect 1 round, continuous effect if a character is in AOE at the end of their turn.
Knockout: vs WILL roll target 16. Characters awaken by taking damage or if roused by another character in B2B as a quick action.

RNG: 48’ (8’")
AOE: 3

Smoke: Cloud effect for 1 round.

Throwing Knife
RNG 36’ (6") | RAT – | POW 6
Can be used for melee also.

Assassins Blade
MAT 5 | P+S 8
+2 damage on back strikes.

Alchemist Leather Coat
SPD 0 | DEF -1 | ARM +5
+3 vs Blast, Cold, Corrosion, Fire

Gas Mask
+1 ARM vs corrosion and immune to gas effects.
-1 on sight or hearing based PER rolls while wearing.
Quick action to put on or take off

Alchemist Leather Coat
Gas Mask
Travelling Alchemist Kit
Forged Papers
Cinder Bomb (2)
Knockout Bomb (2)
Acid Bomb (1)
Smoke Grenade (2)
Thief’s Tools
Simple Acid Components (2)
Simple Stimulant Components (3)
Simple Smoke Components (1)
Surgical Kit



Intelligence Network- Unseen Hand


There was a time, long ago, when I was known as Alyssa Vrir. Seven years before I ever set foot in Ord, I belonged to a network of information gatherers in Ios. I was born into the role. Both of my parents were spies, my elder sister as well until she married far above our station under disguise and fell in love in truth. Life was adventurous and wonderful as a child. I had risen well in the ranks of the Shaede until one fateful job.

I was travelling with a partner, Dahlia Asir, on the run of a life time. We had been told that there was a possible danger of an attempt on the life of Neriwen Syvas, one of the high priests of the Fane of Scyrah. In the time we spent gathering intel, it became apparent that there was pressing danger for Syvas. When the opportunity arose, we struck down the leader of the insurgents. In all the info we had gathered, the only thing that had eluded us until his death was his true name. Thale Raefyll. Hidden as well as any of us, he was, in the end, Syvas’ nephew. Seeing that murdering Raefyll even with the information we had would cause an uproar in society as well as possibly causing our own deaths to befall us due to his, we left as quickly and as silently as the shadows we emulated.

We moved into Ord and lost ourselves in the crowd.

I became Caelyth Hallyr and found work with the Unseen Hands. I’ve been with them when they have jobs for me for the last 7 years. During the day, I work as an investigator for those who can afford me. They call me Ferryll.

I may change my name and where I live, but I can’t change who I am. A chameleon, a secret gatherer, a tinkerer. Give me secrets to find or explosives to create (they are a hobby of mine) and I can be happy anywhere.

Caelyth Hallyr

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